Sunday November 1st, we will partake in the yearly ritual of hanging our clocks back one hour. While the upside is you gain an hour of sleep, I personally don't see any other benefit to it.

And I'm just guessing many other people agree with me. I'm happy that several years ago, a change was made to extend the number of weeks for Daylight Saving Time, but I was hoping it would have gone to that next step and eliminate the twice a year change. Changing the time on the first Sunday in March and the first Sunday in November seems so archaic.

I'm no expert on the whole time change thing, but I have to ask, who does it benefit? Yes, I understand that Daylight Saving Time is designed to allow us to enjoy more daylight hours during the summer, so what's the big deal keeping it the same the rest of the year? Sure, it may still be dark on your ride into work during the winter months, but that's what headlights are for, right? As it stands now, many of us end up heading home from work in the dark during a part of the winter, and we deal with it. Hawaii and most of Arizona don't observe these twice yearly times changes, so I think we should follow suit.

By the way, it's Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time as many people, including myself, refer to it. And there is a misconception that Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea of changing the clocks twice a year. It actually began during World War I an energy saver.

I don't know about you, but I am great at saving energy, so can we just stay with Daylight Saving Time? And I hear it's bad for your health. Not sure if that's a fact. Some states are considering ending the practice, so time till tell. Sorry for the pun.

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