Saturday night I went to my church's St Patrick's Day party and afterward a bunch of us went to a bar in Endicott for some after party drinks. Sunday I slept in. I got up and took a shower and went out for breakfast at noon. I came home and watched some hockey. When the game between Chicago and Boston ended I flipped the TV over to NBC and started watching some PGA golf. I was hoping Tiger Woods could pull off the victory, but he finished tied for second, one stroke back of Paul Casey.

After the golf was over, I ran out and grabbed a sub for dinner, then headed back to my house. When I arrived back at my house, I turned on the TV and was surprised to see the Binghamton Devils game in Lehigh Valley on the NHL Network. So I watched that. It was a good game, but the Devils gave up the game-winning goal with 58 seconds left in the third period. The Phantoms scored an empty-netter to claim the 5-3 victory.
As soon as that game was over I put on the Pittsburgh Dallas NHL game. I was fighting to stay awake by the end of that game so I went up to bed. The problem was, once I got in bed, I couldn't fall asleep. I ended up tossing and turning for over an hour.  I think it was the effects of the time change. With the daylight savings time change the night before, all day yesterday I felt like it was earlier in the day than it really was.

I guess it was my day of rest and a day full of sports. I think it was a perfect way to spend a cold Sunday in March.

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