During the winter months, some, including me, get that cabin fever feeling. I miss camping and being outdoors on a warm, sunny day. Unfortunately, opening day is not until May 1st, so I've got to try something else over the course of the winter to try to avoid that cabin fever feeling.

One thing I thought of, and recently wrote an article about it, was spending a few days or maybe just a weekend somewhere not far from the Binghamton area. Maybe try an Airbnb rental place.

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One place that fought my attention while searching has a swimming pool that has a swimming pool that converts from open air to covered. That looked very interesting since I love to swim. Well, more like just lounging in a pool.

Then, I decided to look further for places that offer other things to do inside these places like maybe a pool table, video games, or anything that would be fun to do during my mini getaway.

I found four such places not far from the Binghamton area that fit the bill for me, by searching for places under the tab of 'play.' Take a look at these great ideas for a wintertime getaway, and maybe it's just the ticket to avoid those cabin fever blues.

Four Local Game-Themed Winter Getaways

Four Local Game-Themed Winter Getaways

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