This is the weekend we set our clocks ahead, which means on Sunday you will lose an hour of sleep. Two o'clock in the morning it becomes 3 a.m. Which also means, bars in New York will close an hour earlier. The clock in the picture above is actually on the patio of my house, and it is still set to Daylight Savings Time from last year. I looked at it a couple of times since and thought to myself 'we're not out here much during the fall and winter I might as well leave as it is', it so I did. That's one less clock I will have to screw with tomorrow night before I go to bed.

This morning, I was talking about results from a new daylight savings time survey done by Pemco. They ask people how long it takes them to adjust to the time change. 24% said they adjust instantly, 19% said it takes a day or so, and 21% said it takes three to five days to get used to it. Pemco also asked if people would be fine with getting rid of time changes and just keeping the clocks the same all year. 63% said they are in favor of that.

I know Sunday I will sleep in and that will be nice, but going to bed Sunday night will feel funny because it will feel like it's too early in the evening to head to bed. So I guess I'm one of the people that would have said it takes a day or two to get used to the time change.

Do you think we should keep the time the same all year? And, how long does it take for you to adjust to the time change?

[via Pemco]

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