Last week, I took a few days off to recharge my batteries, as they say. Not sure who 'they' are, and I don't think I have batteries, but whatever.

I realize time is time. Nothing changes, but it sure feels that way between vacation time and work time. No matter how many hours you work, the clock just seems to slow down. You can hear the second hand take longer pauses than it should.

During vacation, time just flies by. I purposely get up at about the same time as I would on a work day, so I can enjoy as much of the time off as possible. OK, it's really because my Greyhounds are on the feed and potty schedule as normal, and demand it not be pushed to a later time.

Before I know it, each vacation day has ended quickly. Maybe it was the nap I took each day that robbed me of the time. Although a daily nap is a good thing while on vacation in my opinion.

Last week, I did keep busier than normal, performing chores around the camper, mowing the lawn, and doing some inside cleaning. Stuff that needs to be tended to from time to time, with lots of downtime in between.

So I guess time ticked off in the same as always, whether on vacation or at work. It just seemed that Monday turned into Friday much quicker than I expected.

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