Don't you just hate the kind of person who is just a happy-go-lucky type every day of the year? Well, I'm not sure that person really exists. A person may put on that happy face every day, but inside, maybe life isn't so rosy after all.

It's a part of life. We all have our ups and downs as we travel through life. My father taught me that life can be a cruel one and that I would need to be tough to get through the rough patches He was right.

And along with that, there are things in life we do every day, that we, well, just hate that we have to do. I hate all the things I have to do before heading off to work. Especially since I head out around 3:30 a.m. every workday. You know, brush your teeth, shave, shower, dress myself (lol.) It's just too much stuff getting in the way between getting out of bed and into my vehicle to head off to work. Sad, I know.

But what about others? I wondered about that. So I asked on that wonderful world of social media to the Southern Tier of New York and Northeast Pennsylvania residents, "What is that one thing that you do every day (or maybe every weekday), that you really hate to do, but have to do anyway?"

I received quite a variety of answers. Pat D. and several others responded with - Clean the litter boxes. Yes, I can agree with that. My wife and I used to have cats, and we would fight over who should have that dirty duty.

Several responded simply with Work. Got it. The job sucks. No need to explain any further.

Dave L. says Laundry. Yes, I agree. Now if my washer and driver were on the first floor, it wouldn't be so much of a chore, but they both are in the cellar, and our cellar stairs are steep and not fun to go up and down several times to do the laundry.

Here are some other answers to my latest question. Enjoy.

Matt M. - Air out my hockey gear

Comfort M. - Figure out what to feed everyone

Dawn F. - In the summer mow. I hate it

KRM Photography · Grocery shop

Jenn A. -  Clean the pig pen

Keri P. - Cook

Valerie S. -  Clean my glasses

Nomi L.- Clean chicken poo

Eric E. - Put gas in my car

Elaine B. - Vacuum dog hair

Ken W. - Take a shot of meds

Jerrie B.- Exercising

Bob B. - Make my lunch

Tennant J. - Decide what to make for dinner

Brian S. - Shave

Ashley N.- (Be an) adult...It's the worst thing ever!

Robert S. -  Shovel snow in the winter

Henry B. - Be! Alone!

Barbara T. - Put dishes away

Tom P. - Shower...oops that's every month, forget it

Michael G. - Do other people's job

Victoria M. - Groceries

Jesse C. -  Driving on Smithville's roads. except for the new blacktop road

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