If you think New Yorkers are a grumpy bunch, you're not wrong.

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In all fairness, most grouchy New Yorkers don't live in Upstate New York, but there are plenty Upstaters who are pretty steamed with the political climate in our state. Oh, and they're not too happy about their jobs either.

If your drive to work each morning is filled with numbness and you wonder what sort of fresh dog doo you're about to step in as soon as you walk through the doors, congratulations, you're not alone!

A Gallup poll asked New Yorkers from all across the state how they felt about a variety of things including "liking what you do each day" and "being motivated to achieve your goals." Apparently, our jobs have worn us down to the point that we're just sad little robots who wake up, go to work because we have to, go home, and start it all over the next day.

Basically, the Gallup poll found that New York, the entire state, is a bottomless pit of doom and gloom when it comes to career satisfaction. Out of all fifty states, New York was been ranked at number 46 in general overall career happiness.

Joining New York in the "I hate my job with a vengeance" club are West Virginia and Kentucky. No surprise, Hawaii topped the list of people who actually enjoy waking up in the morning.

At least we aren't West Virginia so perhaps there's some solace there? The people of West Virginia hate their jobs. Like, really hate their jobs. If there were an award for the longevity of unhappiness, West Virginia would win it. For the tenth year in a row, they've been named the unhappiest state for those who hold down a job.

If you're sick of hating your job and ready to step out of your pitiful wallowing and into a job you'll actually like, you might want to spruce up that resume and check out the Binghamton Back To Work! Job And Career Fair.

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