Since the Pandemic and more so once schools were back in session, we've all seen lots of help wanted signs at many businesses. The job market has been a crazy one over the past couple of years both during the pandemic and after with businesses picking back up and looking for employees.

I've been with the same employer (well, different owners during the course of time) for just over 40 years. So, the job searching process is something I'm out of touch with, and I'm certainly fine with that.

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If I had to create a resume today, I'd probably need some help creating a proper one. It's been a few decades since I last put one together. For the many who have, how honest have you been? Is everything on your resume true and accurate?

According to the website, I Prospect Check, they found that the average New York State resident who is looking for a job submits a resume that is only about 72 percent correct. That reminds me of the movie  'Catch Me If You Can', starring Leonardo DiCaprio, playing the character of a real-life con man. I don't think I'd want to take the chance of padding my resume.

What if, after being hired, your company finds out that there were inaccuracies in your resume? That could result in the loss of your job. That New York State average of 72 percent is in line with the national average of the same number. In Pennsylvania, the average rate is only 62 percent.

I Prospect Check reports that the profession that job seekers in the finance sector had the lowest resume accuracy on average at 34 percent, while those looking to enter the real estate market were most honest with an average of 90 percent accuracy in their resumes.

What states have the most honest and dishonest resumes? I Prospect Check reports the lowest score to the State of Hawaii at just 35 percent and the highest honest resumes from job seekers in the states of Vermont, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Montana, and Delaware, all averaging 90 percent.

[via I Prospect Check]

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