Do you every wish that you could just shut off the world? Like, the whole world. No emails, no texts (especially the enjoying mass group texts), no calls, no social media.

Fat chance, right?

Thanks to technology and better WIFI service in almost ever corner of the world, we're reachable whenever and wherever and not only are friends and family bugging us every second of the day, but so are our jobs.

Unplugging seems to be a thing of the past and working remotely, or having the capability of working remotely, has made life unbearable at times, hasn't it? There are few boundaries and little respect for allowing employees to have downtime, even when they're on paid time off.

Being constantly connected and accessible has led to huge amounts of stress for so many people and even those who do occasionally turn off their device or silence notifications are plagued with anxiety over worries that if they don't answer right away their employer will question their dedication or their friends and family will conjure up ideas that there's some unspoken battle taking place.

Chronic workplace stress is a very real thing and for many New Yorkers, it has lead to crushing exhaustion, unpleasant thoughts about the workplace and a huge drop in efficiency. All of those things are classic signs of workplace burnout and with burnout comes anxiety and depression. Did you know that work-related depression is very real and that many struggle with it?, conducted a survey to see how far into the year it takes for the average employee to be slapped with workplace burnout. The average American says they feel completely burned out 191 days into the year, which is in early July.

Employees who work in the legal field tend to experience burnout in early June, however, real estate employees, on average, say they don't feel burned out until late August.

How do New Yorkers fare? The average employee in New Yorker says they feel peak burnout in early July, about 192 days into the new year.

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