After a delay in reporting due to the Monday holiday, Delaware County says it has lost three more residents to the coronavirus pandemic since the last update on October 8.  There were also 85 new cases recorded over the period.

Health Department officials in Tioga County say that county is seeing an average of 20 new cases of COVID a day, many directly related to exposure at school and the workplace.

Getty Images/ Halfpoint
Getty Images/ Halfpoint

Tioga County had 34 breakthrough cases in those who have been vaccinate against COVID-19 but says the majority of new infections are in those who have not gotten a vaccine. In a statement posted on facebook this week the Health Department says “last week we saw a staggering 113 new infections among those who are unvaccinated with 83 of those cases being over the age of 12 who are eligible to get vaccinated.”

Officials say with the growing number of cases being seen in schools, the Health Department reminds parents to keep their children home if they are sick.  They say people who work in a school should also stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms.

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New York is continuing to schedule vaccination popup sites as part of the #VaxtoSchool initiative. October 13, a clinic was held at UHS on the Vestal Parkway.  October 14, Pfizer shots were being made available for residents in the Whitney Point School District from 8 a.m.. until 11 a.m. at the Whitney Point school.

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