All 62 counties in New York state are seeing a drop in their unemployment rate over the past year according to New York State Department of Labor data released October 25.  

Tioga and Chenango Counties posted non-seasonably adjusted unemployment rats of less than three percent in September while Broome, Delaware and Cortland Counties reported rates of between three and 3.9 percent. Broome’s rate was 3.3 percent. 

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The Binghamton Labor Market, which includes Tioga County, went from a rate of 4.1 percent in September 2021 to 3.1 percent last month. 

New York Governor Kathy Hochul pointed out that in September of 2020, New York was in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic with more than 980,000 residents out of work. 

The Democrat says, “Climbing out of that economic hole has been difficult for families across New York and there is more work to do.” 

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Hochul says, meanwhile, “New York’s comeback is moving in the right direction.” 

In other data provided by the New York State Department of Labor, a chart showing Employed, Unemployed and Rate of Unemployment by Place of Residence notes Binghamton reported 102,600 employed in September 2022 with that number up from 98,800 the previous year, a net change of 3.8t.  Broome County’s employment increase net change was .30 while Tioga County had a net increase of .8 for the year.  The unemployment change for the year for Binghamton was down .9, Broome down .7 and Tioga down.2. Chenango’s unemployed dropped point-two for the year, Cortland: point-two and Delaware: .1. 

The Labor Department says the state unemployment rates are based on a regression model.  

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