Flying has been a fascination for me since I was a kid. I didn't take my first plane ride until my middle 30s. As I sit in a place waiting for takeoff, it still amazes me how planes even get off the ground with all that weight, but they do.

Rarely have I had any issues with flying, and relatively few flight deals. I guess I've been lucky. Or maybe it's the airports I fly out of. Many are good, some are not.

The website Travel Times recently published an article, naming the most unreliable Airports in the United States. And wouldn't you know it, in the top 10, one is not far from the Binghamton area, and the other (in the top 5 worst) is an airport in the Garden State that many of us have flown out of.

Travel Times notes that in determining this list:

Personal injury lawyers at Whitley Law Firm analyzed Google reviews, the number of cancellations per 100 departures, and the average flight delay time in all US airports that have 1,000 or more departures per year. These factors were indexed to determine the most unreliable airports in the US, with a lower score indicating a more unreliable airport.

But before we reveal those two nearby airports in the top 10, the one listed as the most unreliable is the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport, in Aspen. Colorado, followed by the Santa Fe, New Mexico airport.

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Coming in at #3 is the Newark Liberty International Airport. It's been a long time since I've flown into or out of that airport, but I never had any issues. The other airport is a lot closer, coming in at #9 is the Ithaca Tompkins International Airport in Ithaca, New York.

I have never flown out of Ithaca, but I can only imagine delays are just a weather issue, probably more in the winter months given the type of climate we live in. It's interesting that one of the flights out of #9 Ithaca lands at the #3 most unreliable airport - Newark.

Have you dealt with delays at either of these airports? Did the study get it right, or how do you rank them for on-time flights?

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