With all the Covid-19 news we are digesting everyday, it can become overwhelming. I understand that as much as anyone else. That's why we do our best to give you the information you need, but most of all, entertain you with good news and great music. It's a much needed diversion, and it's what we do best.

That being said, all around us there are so many good things happening that gives you a bit of appreciation for people around the world who are simply trying to uplift you with whatever cool things they are doing or creating.

For example, according to WGAL-TV in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a business in Lancaster County is helping struggling families with free milk.

WGAL-TV notes:

We have the ability to help people in need or help hungry kids or hungry families. Why shouldn't we do it? It's twofold. We're helping the community, and we're helping the dairy farmers, said co-owner Karl Sensenig. - WGAL-TV

That's an awesome thing to do. Kudos to them for giving back to the community.

WTLA-TV in Los Angeles reported that the Los Angeles Dodgers paid some grocery shoppers tab in full:

The Dodgers surprised shoppers Thursday morning at a Smart and Final Extra! store in South Los Angeles by paying for their groceries at the checkout counter. - WTLA-TV

These great acts of kindness are happening everywhere, including in our community. It shows that even in the worst of times, we all are doing our best to work together and help anyone in need. And right now, we all need as much support as we can get.

via - WGAL-TV and WTLA-TV

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