It's been a New York minute since I attended college. Okay, it feels like it was just yesterday, but in reality, I'd have to add a few decades to that comment to be in the ballpark.

Oddly enough, I attended a two-year New York State community college for three years. I would prove it with a copy of the degree if I had one. The radio bug got me while I was in college, causing my days to be spent more at the college radio station than in class.

Well, that became my career, so that was a win for me, albeit an expensive one. But I proudly paid for my own tuition, paying off student loans quickly. I'm not so sure that would be possible if I were to attend college now.

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I took a look at tuition and other costs for New York SUNY colleges. We have two great SUNY campuses - Binghamton University and SUNY Broome. So, just what are the costs these days for attending a SUNY college? Here's what I found from July 2021, on the SUNY website.

For a New York State resident, the tuition cost for the SUNY University system is $7070, with student fees at $1740 and room & board at $14,540 for a total of $23,350. Then, add in books & supplies, personal expenses, and transportation at an average of $3750, the total cost is just over $27,000.

For a SUNY Community College, the tuition cost is $5070 for a New York State resident and $9920 for an out-of-state student. The total cost for a New York State student living on campus comes to an average of just over $21,000. For a New York State student who commutes, the cost averages just over $14,000. Out-of-state student total cost averages over $26,000.

New York State does have a Tuition-Free Degree program called the Excelsior Scholarship that can help a student attend college in the state. You can find complete information by clicking the New York State Excelsior Program website.

For a complete breakdown of costs, updates, how to get financial aid, and other information about New York State SUNY universities and colleges, visit the SUNY website.

The State University of New York, New York State Excelsior Program 

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