AC/DC has the song 'Highway to Hell', Ozzy Osbourne has the song 'Road to Nowhere', and Led Zeppelin has "Stairway to Heaven', but have you ever heard “The Sidewalk to Nowhere”? No, it not a song, it was a running joke at my house in Endicott for the last 11 months.

Last year my wife Chris decided to finally act on putting in her flower/plant bed on the side of our house that she had been wanting to do for a couple of years.

She decided that we would get some paver stones and put them on top of the hill next to the flower bed. So, last year we got some paver stones and some pebbles and started putting them down.

We only did the 12 to 16 foot strip behind the flower bed, so there was really no beginning or end to the sidewalk. Either way, you had to walk through grass to get to it. I referred to it as the sidewalk to nowhere and it' stuck. I actually blogged about this last year.

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Last year we made up our mind to complete the sidewalk to nowhere so it would run from our front yard to our back patio. With the nice weather we had weekend in Broome County, Chris decided now was the time.

Saturday morning we went to the store in Johnson City and picked up the paver stones and gravel to put underneath. We finished the front part of the sidewalk to nowhere on Saturday connecting it to our front yard, and we decided to finish the back part of the walkway on Sunday.

So we got up Sunday morning at went back to the store to get a few more paver stones because we decided to extend the walkway further then the original plan. So we spent a good majority of the late morning and early afternoon finishing off the sidewalk to nowhere.

It's just about done. We need to level and secure the retaining wall bricks and then add some new mulch and it will be finished

Now Chris wants to build another retaining wall and the backyard. God help me.

Sidewalk to Nowhere


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