Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer. Autumn technically doesn't start until the 22nd. Most people spend the holiday weekend relaxing as if it was the last weekend of summer.

Even though it was a 3-day weekend for most, I still had to do some work here at the station and at home. Saturday and Monday I was on the air, but it's not like that's hard labor. Sunday I mowed the grass, and yesterday finally I finally broke out the new chainsaw and spent a couple of hours cutting and chopping wood.

Chris helped too. She was cutting the small branches from our woodpile by hand. She was cutting them up to use for kindling. I fired up our new chainsaw for the first time and started cutting the logs into manageable pieces. Then I got out my new ax that I got as a birthday present from Chris, yes, that's what I asked for, and used that for the first time to split the logs into firewood. After all, we need to fill that woodshed we built a few weeks back.

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We were doing this for a couple of hours until a bunch of bees decided they wanted to see what we were up to and started taking a liking to our pile of logs. Once we saw the bees moving in, we new it was time to call it a day.

But the weekend wasn't all work for me. Sunday we went out for brunch with a couple of our friends. We went out to The Beer Tree in Port Crane and got to bring Hagar, our 10 month old Golden Retriever,  with us. Then Sunday night, our godson Cade and his sister Tatiana's parents had a cookout for them to celebrate their birthdays. Besides their parents their other godparents were there as well.

Chris and I wrapped up the weekend by teaming up with some of the other members from our Monday Night Golf League at Conklin to play 9 holes. After all the cutting, sawing, and chopping of wood, I didn't think Chris or I would be in any shape to play golf, but we both played pretty well. Maybe we should chop wood before we go golfing all the time.

I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

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