After I got out of work here on Saturday, I went home and pulled the lawnmower out of the garage. I just mowed the lawn last Saturday, but I did it again this week mostly just to get rid of the leaves.

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This week, before I started to mow, I noticed there didn't seem to be as many leaves as there were last week. So after mowing and bagging the leaves and the grass, it took a little over a half hour longer than it usually takes me just to mow the lawn. I didn't really mind doing it because the weather was beautiful, so just being outside was enjoyable.

After I was done and put the lawn mower back in the garage, I stood there admiring the results of my labor. Even as I was mowing, the wind would blow and it drop a few more leaves on the backyard. But it still look good when I went in the house to take a shower.

After taking a shower, I came downstairs and had lunch while watching a little TV. Then I went to take the dog outside and it looked like I didn't even touch my yard. There were almost as many leaves in the yard then as there was before I started mowing. I thought to myself that was a waste of two hours. But, in reality, it's less leaves I will have to rake up later in the month, so maybe it wasn't a complete waste of time.

I love watching the the leaves change color, but raking leaves has to be my least favorite chore of them all.

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