I mowed my front yard in the middle of April and that only took about 20 minutes. It's been almost a month since then, and the grass was pretty high out front.

As tall as the grass was in my front yard, it wasn't even close to being as high as the grass in my backyard.So Thursday when I get home from work, I decided to pull the lawnmower out and do both the front and back yard at my house.

The grass was still a little wet and it was giving the lawnmower a run for its money, but I finally got the job done. There were spots in the backyard where I had to stop the mower, lift the front end up, and put it down over some high grass just to cut it.

With about 15 passes left before the job was finished, I noticed dark clouds rolling in from the West. I was going to call one of my friends that lives in Owego and ask them if it was raining there, but I figured I would just keep going and get as much done as I could. With about five passes left, the wind started picking up and I thought  for sure it was going to start raining, but it held off.

With all the rain we've had this spring, I'm guessing I will be out there mowing again next week if not sooner.

I would love to have a 10 day stretch of nice weather where it's sunny and 75 everyday. There is a ton of yard work to be done at my house, if only mother nature would cooperate.

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