UPDATE 3 p.m. 8/7/2020

After posting the article below, we were contacted by the Store Operator of the Spirit Halloween Store in Johnson City who told us they will be opening their store in the same plaza on Harry L. Drive next door to the former Giant Market. He said they will be opening in just a few weeks.


Original Story.

Spirit Halloween Stores announced on their website that they are beginning to open 1,400 stores nationwide, with some of the stores opening as soon as tomorrow August 8th.

With the Coronavirus pandemic still raging across the United States, a lot of people aren't sure what Halloween will even look like this year. With that being said, the company that offers Halloween costumes, animatronics, decorations, and accessories is planning to move ahead as they do every year.

There has been a Spirit Halloween Store in the former Giant Supermarket on Harry L Drive in Johnson City for the past several years. This year, that location is no longer available because it is being remodled to become the new home of Aldi's.

I searched the Spirit Halloween Store's website to see if they listed a new location for the Binghamton area. They have not. As it stands right now, the Spirit Halloween Stores closest to Binghamton will be in Ithaca and in Horseheads.

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There are plenty of empty stores in Broome County that are big enough to hold the Spirit Halloween Store. Time will tell if they will work out a deal with the owners of one of the vacant properties in time to open up a store in the Binghamton area.

My wife Chris loves Halloween. We go all out decorating the house for the trick-or-treaters every year. So every year we stop by the Spirit Halloween Store to see what is new that year. We always walk out having bought something.  Last year, I think she spent $300 there. She is going to be disappointed to read this article, but something tells me we'll probably be making a trip to Horseheads in the next few weeks.

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