I remember back in the day (for me that was the decade of the 1960s) when my siblings and I would get so excited to go to the local JJ Newberry store to buy a new Halloween costume.

Of course, those Halloween costumes were usually just a cheap cloth with a design of whatever you wanted to be for Halloween - Superman, Batman, a doctor, a nurse, scarecrow, you know, whatever that had on the shelves.

And of course, that really cheap plastic mask that was hard to breathe through, And then there was the elastic band that held the mask on your face. It stung around my ears because it was so tight and uncomfortable. But, we dealt with it for all the candy we'd reap as we went door to door in our neighborhood.

So, what are the most popular costumes for 2023? Well, I took a look at Google Frightgeist, which lists the 906 most popular Halloween costumes that you might see as you hand out those full-size candy bars to trick-or-treaters.

Nationally, the top five most popular Halloween costumes for this year are:

5. Fairy
4. Witch
3. Spiderman
2. Princess
1. Barbie

In Binghamton, these are the top five most popular Halloween costumes expected to be at your door:

5. Chicken - nationally, this is #45.
4. Cowboy - nationally, it's #8.
3. Witch - nationally, #4
2. Cowgirl - nationally comes in at #26
1. Barbie - nationally, it's also #1.

I guess that Barbie movie has quite an influence this year. I haven't seen the film, so I'm not sure about the attraction, but it was a huge summer hit.

As for the others, all five seem to rank high on the national level as well. Check out the complete rankings of 906 costumes for 2023 and see where yours lands on Google Frightgeist.

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