Why are we seeing these items too soon? The 4th of July just passed. It's the middle of summer. As of this writing, this particular event is 112 days away. No, I'm not talking about Christmas. That holiday is 167 days away. Much too early to even think about it, right?

But, apparently, items that celebrate another day, that is not an official holiday, are already showing up in stores. I think you guessed it. And if you guessed Halloween, you are correct.

A couple of months ago, Home Depot posted on social media, a few Halloween items that will be in their stores this year, including a giant skeleton named 'Shelly' which I understand sells out every year.

Lately, I've seen mentions on social media from Disney fans counting down the days to the annual 'Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party' at the Magic Kingdom, which runs from August 9th through October 31st, 2024. That's less than a month away!

How/why did Halloween become so big? I'm not complaining, but when I was a kid, we didn't think about or see Halloween costumes for sale until mid to late September. Maybe it's just me, but over the past decade, I have noticed more homes decorated for Halloween.

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Well, according to the website Modern Detail, it may have something to do with retailers. That makes sense. The article notes that fans of Halloween are ready to begin shopping for Halloween decor early and since this time of year is a slow sales period for retailers, why not stock the shelves with Halloween items to get people in the buying mood? Win, win for all.

So, don't be surprised, or frightened in this case, when you pop into a store and see shelves already displaying this year's crop of Halloween goodies. Happy haunting...in July.

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