Downtown Binghamton is starting to buzz again thanks in part to the return of the Binghamton University students.

With the a lot of student housing in downtown Binghamton, I've been seeing the students moving back in since late last week. This past weekend the majority of students arrived on campus. A lot of them had their parents help them with the move. That made for a busy weekend for stores, hotels, and restaurants in Vestal.

Business owners in the Binghamton area are thrilled to have the students back. Restaurants and stores in Vestal, Binghamton, and Johnson City are already feeling the impact. The return of the students is a great boost to the local businesses that have been struggling since the Coronavirus pandemic started in mid-March.

Most of the area businesses miss the students during the summer every year. But last year, most of the B.U. students went home two and a half months early, when Binghamton University turned to online classes to help stop the spread of the virus.

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The local businesses also missed out on the extra revenue that they would have made over graduation weekend, when most of the hotels in Binghamton and Vestal are booked solid, and there are extra long wait times for restaurants throughout the Triple Cities that weekend as well.

So on behalf of the business owners and landlords in the Greater Binghamton area, welcome back and thank you, Binghamton University students.

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