Just a couple of days after the Coronavirus caused a major shutdown of businesses in the Binghamton area, we created the Facebook page called Southern Tier Open for Business.

The reason behind starting the page was two fold. We wanted to help businesses stay afloat during this difficult time, and to save consumers time from calling businesses or driving to businesses to see if they were open.

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There are hundreds of businesses right here in the Binghamton area that have already posted to Southern Tier Open for Business and more join everyday. This weekend I used it Saturday to decide where to grab lunch, and I used it again last night to decide where go to get takeout for dinner.

David Hermanovitch
David Hermanovitch

It came in handy for me because I was able to scroll through a list of open restaurants and bars in the Endicott area to see what hours they were open. Which is important because a lot of businesses that are open have altered their hours after the stay-at-home orders took place.

If you own a business and you haven't posted on Southern Tier Open for Business yet, what are you waiting for? All types of businesses from auto body shops to mechanic garages, restaurants to pizza shops, and hardware stores to nurseries have all taken advantage of this page while trying to keep the doors open.

So if you haven't posted on it yet, you may want to do it now. It's free and your customers are using it.

You can get to the page by clicking here.

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