Recently, I was chatting with a co-worker about summer vacations. Specifically ones that I took with my family when my siblings and I were kids. For me, the most fun vacations were renting a cottage on one of the local lakes.

We rented cottages on Keuka Lake, Seneca Lake and Waneta Lake. My co-worker was familiar with Keuka Lake and Seneca Lake, but had never hear of Waneta Lake. I explained where it was located, along with another lesser known lake right next to it, Lamoka Lake. These two lakes are in the Finger Lakes region between Keuka Lake and Seneca Lake.

I have fond memories of spending time on these lakes. And that even includes the few time in the winter when the ice was so thick, we were allowed to drive a car on the ice. I even remember a couple of the cottages we rented featured an incinerating toilet that we called a 'destroilet.' That was an experience I'll never forget.

Check It Out: Two Finger Lakes Region Lakes You Didn't Know Existed

So, I decided to write an article about the two lesser known, but none the less, beautiful lakes where I have many great memories. I remember lounging on the dock of one of the cottages we rented while listening to the new pop hits like Freda Payne's, 'Band of Gold' in the summer of 1970.

While the Finger Lakes offer a lot of things to see and do, Waneta and Lamoka offer much of the same with small town feels, and it's probably a cheaper getaway for a day trip or for a vacation. These lakes are close to wineries, breweries and feature the charm of many small towns. Of course, you are also close to the hamlet of Hammondsport, home to the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, in addition to Watkins Glen and Corning, both communities well worth a visit.

Since I wrote that article and since it's been decades since I've been back to the lakes, I wondered what some of todays rental properties look like. Well, thanks to Airbnb, the answer is as easy as a coupe of clicks of the mouse. Here are four I found interesting on Waneta lake, as I reminisced about lazy summer days gone by.

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Binghamton 1900's Home With Dumbwaiter Elevator For Sale 

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