Saturday morning, we had breakfast then we loaded up the cooler with drinks and made our way to the beach. We spent half the day at the beach. I felt bad for our friend John because I think he lost his phone in the ocean. We went nuts tearing apart my car as well as the timeshare and couldn't find his phone anywhere. We left the beach and had lunch at this little bar on the Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach called Oceanfront Bar and Grill. We go there at least once every time we are in town. After lunch, we spent about an hour at the pool at the timeshare before we took showers and went out for dinner. After dinner we played another round of Mini-Golf, or as they call it down there "Putt-Putt " before we returned to the timeshare for a few more drinks.

Sunday morning we were going to get up early and go head down to the beach to watch the sunrise over the ocean, but we all decided to just sleep in instead. By mid-morning, we were taking our friends John and Lori back to the airport for their flight home.

After dropping them off Chris and I did another round of mini-golf at a different golf course and then drove back to the timeshare, where we made tee times for a golf course called World Tour Golf Links. The course is made up of holes that replicate holes from major golf courses around the world including St Andrews. It even has all three holes from 'Amen Corner' at Augusta. Check out the pictures below, I posted half of the scorecard, and if you look at the top of each hole, it tells you what course and what hole they were replicated from.

vacation pics days 4 and 5

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