One of the cool things about Facebook is the Facebook memories. Every day as soon as I log on, something pops up on the screen that I posted from years gone by. Some of them make me laugh, others make me sad, and other ones feel like a swift kick to the crotch. All this week I've been getting memories of our California vacation.

Six years ago we flew from Philadelphia to LA for our summer vacation. Our timeshare is in Myrtle Beach, but the company that owns it has timeshares across the United States as well as the Virgin Islands. We decided to go somewhere other than Myrtle that year so we chose to go to a place called Rancho Mirage. Rancho Mirage is in the desert just outside of Palm Springs. The timeshare was beautiful and it was right on a golf course but the problem was it was a hundred and eighteen every day. One day it got up to 128. I don't care if it's a dry heat or not, you can't breathe when it's 128. It was so hot, the golf course was closed the whole time we were there.

We did a ton of stuff while we're out there, we went for a tour of the desert which included us climbing and walking through San Andreas Fault. One of the days we were there it was raining so we went to the War Plane Museum in Palm Springs. That was pretty cool. We got to tour a bunch of old planes that were used during World War II and there was even a part of Binghamton there. One of the Link simulators were on display at the museum. We also went on a beach tour in Orange County. That included going on a tour of a wildlife preservation facility that helps to rescue sea lions, seals, and other wildlife. We did some touristy things in L.A. too including the Grauman's Chinese Theater, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a bus tour past the houses of the rich and famous. It was a great trip and we would love to go back again, but if we go, we're going to go in January or February when it's not 128 degrees.

There are a bunch of pictures below from that trip.

California Pics 1

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