Wednesday morning Chris and I left our timeshare and made our way up North to Wilmington North Carolina. Yes, Ground Zero for Hurricane Florence. In fact, some of the flooded roads you are seeing on the Weather Channel's coverage of Florence are streets we were walking down just a few short days ago. We have friends that live there now that used to live in Endicott. We spent three days of our vacation with our friend Graham.

Wednesday we met her at the restaurant she works at, and after she got off work, we went to Carolina Beach. You can get a special permit to take your car out on the beach and park just feet from the ocean. So we loaded up a cooler with drinks and food, and we spent about four hours just sitting on the beach. We had the whole beach to ourselves for the last hour or so and we stayed there until about 9:30 listening to the ocean and staring at all the stars in the sky.

Thursday we ended up bar hopping our way around Wilmington. Graham took us to this bar called The Fat Pelican. It was an awesome place. You walk into their huge beer cooler and pick out what you want to drink. Then you can stay inside or go outside and sit there. When I first went outside, I said this looks like a bar that Fred Sanford would own from the TV show 'Sanford and Son'. It looks like they drive around town and pick chairs and signs from peoples garbage. It was wild. Check out the pictures below.

After we left the Fat Pelican, we took a fairy out to one of the islands. Then we made our way back downtown and stopped by a rooftop bar with an awesome view of the battleship U.S.S. North Carolina. I definitely wanted to catch my Eagles who hosted the opening night in the N.F.L. so we went to a bar called The Copper Penny in Downtown Wilmington. Graham had been there before, but she didn't realize the owner of the bar was from Philadelphia. It was an Eagles backing bar. The sign out front said Fly Eagles Fly and the place was packed with Eagles fans. That was awesome.

Wilmington N.C. Photos

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