I've had a lot of people asking me how my vacation was so I decided to blog about it. I will write a blog a day about it over the next week or so. Every day will feature different pictures of some of the stuff that we experienced and both Myrtle Beach and Wilmington North Carolina.


Our vacation started on Tuesday, August 28th as soon as Chris and I both finished up work. Chris's son, my step-son Ian, could not come with us on the trip so we decided to take him out for dinner Tuesday night before we left early Wednesday morning. We all met at Dos Rios Mexican restaurant on Court Street here in Binghamton and enjoyed some tacos and some margaritas.

Wednesday morning, Chris and I woke up at 3, took quick showers, and we were on the road by 3:30. The trip to Myrtle took just about 12 hours with gas a bathroom stops. We lost just over a half hour in traffic going around Washington DC.

When we arrived in Myrtle Beach we checked into our timeshare and unloaded our vehicle. We had our golf clubs as well as our friend John's golf clubs. John and his wife Lori have been friends with Chris forever.

In fact, Chris and Lori went to high school together. I've known them since 2002. They flew down to spend four days and three nights with us in Myrtle.

After we unloaded the car we went to the store to get groceries for the week, beer, soda, snacks, coffee, breakfast sandwiches, eggs and stuff like that.

Wednesday evening, we met up with one of Ian's friends that graduated with him from U.E. Her name is Samantha, and Chris and I have become close friends with her mother Lisa and her boyfriend Doug.

They asked us to deliver Cider Mill Donuts and cider as well as Lupo's Spiedies to Samantha who moved to Myrtle Beach about a year ago. We dropped the stuff off at her house and then we treated her to dinner at a new place on the ocean called Rip Tydz.

It's a rooftop restaurant that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. After we were done with dinner and drinks, we met Sam's boyfriend at a local biker bar in Myrtle Beach and had a few drinks there before we called it a night.

And that was day one of our vacation.

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