Last Friday we were walking around downtown Wilmington, N.C. visiting some shops and some bars along the way. We were walking on the same streets that are being shown on the Weather Channel's live coverage of Florence.

We went to a place called The Pour Taproom. It's a place where you get a bracelet when you walk in and that keeps track of what you drink and you get charged for how much you drink. There must have been about 40 different beers to choose from and another 10 wines or so. The atmosphere in Pour is really cool because it's an old bank. The wine taps are actually in the safe. You Serve Yourself and walk from tap to tap. After we left there we made our way to a fresh seafood stand and bought clams, shrimp, and crab legs.

We went back to Graham's house and had a cookout in her backyard with four of her neighbors and their families. We spent most of the night talking about hurricane Florence which was still a week away from making landfall. We also saw our friend Tracy who has lived down there for a couple of months now, and she just bought a brand new house three weeks ago.

We loaded up my car early Saturday morning and made the trip back to Binghamton. It was a great vacation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in that area as well as in Myrtle Beach that is dealing with Hurricane Florence.

Wilmington Part 2

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