According to National Today, today, March 23rd., is National Puppy Day. It is a day that was created in 2006 to show love for dogs and to encourage people to adopt puppies and dogs at local animal shelters.

Our puppy Hagar is 17 and a half weeks old. He stayed at home with my stepson Ian last week while we were in Myrtle Beach. Both Chris and I missed both Ian and the puppy a lot. We knew Ian could handle being without us for a week, being that he went away to college, but with the puppy being so young, we kind of felt bad leaving him home.

While we were away, we called and checked on him every day and even video chatted with Ian so we could see the puppy and he could see us.

When we arrived home after our 6 1/2 day getaway, we decided to videotape the puppies reaction. And of course he went nuts over Chris and basically jumped on me once and then went right back to Chris.

Puppies tend to cheer people up. And with all the talk of the Coronavirus, and people getting boredat home, I decided to share the video and some pictures of my puppy, and I encourage you to add pictures of your puppy or dog as well.

Happy National Puppy Day

Hagar National Puppy Day

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