It's amazing the horrible ideas some people in this world come up with to find ways to scam unsuspecting people. We see it all the time from phone calls and mailings to emails and texts.

If these scammers put in as much time in a legitimate job, can you imagine how productive they might be? Of course, the difference is actually having a conscience and the amount of money they can make at a legitimate job versus scamming innocent people.

The latest scam alert comes from the New York State Police. And this one really bothers me. According to a New York State Police press release, victims have been reporting answering an ad for purebred puppies.

The ad shows a photo of the type of breed the person is looking for, and after making a selection, a deposit must be paid. Of course once that deposit is in the hands of the scammers, the victim sends an address to pick up their puppy. The address does not exist. Can you imagine the look on the faces of the family when they arrive only to find out they have been scammed? The latest fake addresses have been in the St. Lawrence County area according to the New York State Police.

The American Kennel Club suggests knowing these tips to help identify a scam, including a seller who does not conduct business over the phone, only by email, stock photos of the product you are purchasing, sketchy payment options, and if the price is too good to believe, then it's most likely a scam.

For more information on puppy scams, visit the American Kennel Club and for other scam identity tips, visit the Better Business Bureau.

via American Kennel Club, Better Business Bureau, New York State Police

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