This Monday is the day that we pick up our new four-legged son, a Golden Retriever that we named Hagar. He will be 8 weeks old on Monday.

I was surprised when I opened up one of my Christmas gifts and found a reflective color with the name Hagar engraved on a name tag. I immediately started looking around the living room expecting him to come running in either from the hallway or the dining room. But, that didn't happen.

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Being that we have the new arrival coming next week, we took our Christmas tree that was in the living room down the Saturday after Christmas, and I spent yesterday taking the sports tree down in the Freezone Bar and Grill in my basement.

While I was doing that, Chris was busy digging out the crate that we used for our last golden retriever Hutch, and putting it together in the kitchen. Chris stopped on the way home from work one day last week and bought a couple of baby gates so we can confine Hagar to just one room when we want to.

This weekend we will be out getting him food, a bed, and a bunch of chew toys so hopefully he won't eat the woodwork in our house like our previous golden did when he was a puppy.

As much as I love having a puppy, part of me can't wait until he's about a year old and trained enough that he won't be chewing on stuff in the house and will be able to roam the backyard without a leash.

But, for the time being, I will enjoy watching the little ball of fur running and rolling around the floor like puppies do.

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