It started about a week ago. My fingers have been tapping and swiping all over my Amazon app all hours of the day and night as I've been creating lists, adding things to my cart, and making notes of all the things I don't truly need but would like. Why? Because...Prime Day!

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A frugal shopper,  Amazon Prime Day (which is actually two days, today, June 21, and tomorrow, June 22) is my digital version of Black Friday. I've been price comparing and Google shopping alert setting.

Does my family really need a cooler backpack? No. Do we really want one? Yes. I spent a stupid amount of time reading through reviews and checking prices before I put five cooler backpacks in my shopping cart. No, I'm not buying all five. I put them in my cart so that I could see which had the biggest Prime Day price drop before removing the other four backpack coolers.

Amazon Prime Day is here and the company is offering over two million deals to people like you and me who are suckers for savings. According to The Verge, the biggest and best deals of Prime Day 2021 are on televisions, headphones, laptops, monitors, smart home products, and phones. See their complete list of the tech you should be scooping up here.

Prime Day was moved from July to October last year because of the pandemic and how overwhelmed our postal system was due to the incredible amount of online orders people made due to not being able to shop as they normally would. This year though, Prime Day has been moved up a month from its normal July date which is a hopeful sign that things are somewhat back to normal in this country of ours.

By the way, if you were wondering what kind of backpack cooler I ended up with, I really wanted to splurge on the Yeti but even with the Prime Day savings, it was still out of the price range I'd set for myself. So, this is the one I went with. Cross your fingers that it's everything we hope for it to be (and that it's truly leakproof so we don't end up with a wet back halfway through the day).

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