According to a report by Associated Press, a federal labor board says a second Amazon warehouse in the New York City borough of Staten Island will have a union election in April.

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In-person voting will be held at the facility known as LDJ5 every day from April 25 to 29, except for April 26. The count is expected to occur on May 2.

Amazon already faces another in-person union vote March 25 through 30 at JFK8, a separate Staten Island warehouse neighboring LDJ5.

Amazon Opens New Fulfillment Center In Aurora, Colorado
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An organization called the Amazon Labor Union is leading the union effort at both warehouses. Employees at a company warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, are also currently casting mail ballots for another union election.

Amazon recently opened a distribution center in Broome County and is in the process of developing another facility in Bath, in Steuben County. Construction on that facility is slated to begin in the next few weeks, months behind schedule due to traffic issues that needed to be worked out.

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