Our Golden Retriever, Hagar, just turned 20 weeks old yesterday. He is a very smart puppy for his age, except for the fact that he can't seem distinguish me from one of his chew toys.

But other than that, he knows a bunch of commands already. There are some keywords that he understands as well including eat, cookie, drop it, and potty to name a few.

The dog loves to be around us when we are home. If we sit on the couch, he either comes over with a toy wanting to play, or he jumps up on the couch and snuggles either up against us or on us to take a nap.

The dog is such a light sleeper. I swear if you blink your eyes, he wakes up and looks at you like, what was that? One thing both Chris and I have noticed, regardless of what he is doing, whether he is sleeping, playing with a toy, or getting scratched by one of us, if any of us go into the kitchen, he has to follow us. He obviously knows that's where the food is.

We have a half bath off the kitchen on the main floor in our house. Even if we get up to go use the powder room, the dog has got to follow because you have to go through the kitchen to get to the bathroom.

If any one of us open the refrigerator door to get something to eat or even something to drink, the puppy is sitting right at our feet waiting to see what we picked out. It's getting to the point now where if I get up off the furniture in the living room, he starts making his way towards the kitchen thinking that's where I'm going. It makes me think I'm making too many trips to the fridge. Maybe that's what he's trying to tell me.

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