One of my all time favorite 1960's sitcoms with a fantasy twist, the show ran on NBC for 5 seasons from 1965 to 1970, producing 139 episodes.

The old Aladdin story with a gender shift proved very appealing, especially to male viewers, I think every red blooded American boy wanted to be Jeannie's master, and to watch Major Nelson push her away each week, made a lot of us wonder if he even liked girls.

I loved the way Jeanie would blink in and out., and of course all the things she did to her master, like blinking him to an iceberg in the middle of the artic, or on a rotisserie spigot with flames under him.

The supporting actors really helped make the show funny, like Dr Bellows who always seem to walk in on some zany scene, like an elephant in the living room.

Jeannie's cousin was hot too , yes I know it was the same person.

My Throwback Thursday memory is 'I Dream of Jeannie"

Check out the theme song and interviews with Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman about the show below

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