This week let's flashback to the one of the vintage muscle cars..Beep Beep and make way for this mighty Mopar!

It was one of the badass muscle machines of its time, a 1970 Road Runner with a 440 six pack (3 holly 2 barrel carburetors on a high rise manifold), four speed pistol grip shifter, hooker headers, and over sized camshaft, well over 400 horse power on the street.

Plymouth created the Road Runner from the GTX and satellite. The vehicle sold for less than $3000 off the assembly line and it also came with a 'Beep Beep' Road Runner horn!

What a great car and without a doubt nothing will ever roll off the assembly line this this again.

I hated to get rid of mine but I was starting a family and couldn't afford two vehicles. I paid $2000 for it used and have always wonder what it would be worth now.

My throwback Thursday memory, the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner. Check out a video this badass bird below:

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