Catch phrases included 'Would You Believe' and 'Missed It By that Much' this sitcom ran from 1965 to 1970.

He was known as Agent 86. He talked on a shoe phone, communicated through the cone of silence, and battled the evil organization KAOS.

Each week TV viewers tunes in to watch bumbling Secret Agent Maxwell Smart, the top spy for the good guy organization CONTROL.

Max worked for the Chief, and the lovely Agent 99 who he eventually married in season four.

The show ran for 5 seasons and was created by comedic genius Mel Brooks, and contained a lot of the Brooks-like slap stick routines.

I loved Agent 13, who was also hiding inside places like mailboxes, cigarette machines, and other inconspicuous places.

Who could forget Hymie the Robot., played by the late Dick Gautier, (check out a tribute to his character in video below)

Another of my favorite characters was Ludwig Von Siegfried, who was a KAOS agent and always engaged Max in battle.

Check out video clips from my Throwback Thursday memory - Get Smart.

Tribute to Hymie played by the late Dick Gautier

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