The Whale Time Machine is ready to rock to another time. Wanna take a ride?

This week, we will time travel back to December 1977. I think around that time, I was working part-time at another Binghamton area radio station along with working the overnight shift at a gas station. That was fun, except for the one time I was held up at gunpoint. Not an experience you want to go through.

Back to the subject...Jackson Brown's classic song The Load Out was released in December 1977 and is a tribute to band roadies. I've always considered that a very cool thing for him to do. I know how much work goes into setting up and tearing down gigs, and those guys and gals deserve a lot of credit for all they do.

The Load Out topped out on the US singles charts at number 20. Radio stations around the country, including us, added the song Stay to The Load Out which makes for a great medley that we continue to play to this day.

For this week's Classic Rock Throwback Thursday, here's Jackson Brown performing The Load Out/Stay from 2015 at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

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