Figures. I take a week off for vacation, and Alice Cooper calls 99.1 The Whale to talk. My loss, but Matt Guido's lucky gain, I guess. Well, Matt is a great interviewer than I am anyway.

As you may know, Alice Cooper has a new tour that kicks off this month (September 2022) called the 'Detroit Muscle' tour. It begins on September 7 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and wraps up in Dallas, Texas on October 29. Of course, one of the stops will be at the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena on Wednesday, September 14.

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During our recent interview on 99.1 The Whale, Alice Cooper spoke about a lot of interesting topics from a new tour guitarist on the stage who was with the band previously to his golf game.

Alice mentioned he has the "best touring band' who will accompany him on stage, along with explaining what the stage show will be all about. An interesting note from the interview, Alice mentioned that Binghamton was the first city in the country that they were ever banned from playing back in the early 1970s.

Alice Cooper is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I remember during one of his shows in Binghamton, we had some winners of backstage passes that also included the opportunity y to meet Alice Cooper in person. For some reason, I forget what, the word did not get to those in charge and by the time we all got backstage, Alice and the band had already left the Arena for the hotel.

Well, the road manager contacted Alice, he boarded back on the bus, drove to the Broome County Arena, and took us all aboard the bus for a fun meet and greet. That's class right there.

Matt Guido's interview with Alice Cooper is really interesting, Check it out below and enjoy!

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