Who doesn't love music? Well okay, maybe some, but that's hard to believe. And live music? All the better.

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And if you love live music, you will love to know that the Binghamton Porchfest is returning this month (August 2023.)  In case you are keeping track, this is the 8th annual edition of the Binghamton Porchfest.

The organizers of the Binghamton Porchfest announced that this year's festivities on the Westside neighborhood of Binghamton will take place on Sunday, August 27th from 12 Noon to 7 p.m.

Musicians will be located on residential porches, stoops, and yards of the Abel Bennett Historic Tract on Binghamton's Westside. Binghamton Porchfest organizers noted that there will be 162 bands performing from around the region throughout 63 Binghamton Westside locations.

Music performed will include many types including folk, hip-hop, heavy metal, worship, classical, jazz, opera, country, punk and more from the young and old alike.

In addition to a great variety of music during the 2023 Binghamton Porchfest, food vendors will be on hand, restroom locations, and a free shuttle. The event covers approximately a quarter square mile. bordering Riverside Drive, Chestnut Street, Recreation Park, and Beethoven Street.

Keep in mind that during the Binghamton Porchfest hours from 12 Noon to 7 p.m., most of those roads will be closed to traffic. The organizers will have golf cart shuttles on roadways that are closed to traffic and Lourdes Hospital will allow free parking in the back lot at the end of Lourdes Road.

The 2023 Binghamton Porchfest benefits fundraising efforts for the Danielle House. for more information including the days schedule, musicians performing and a map, visit the Binghamton Porchfest website.

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