This week I wanted to flashback to a couple of superhero television series you may have never seen, mostly because they aired for one season in the mid sixties


mrterrific edit

Mr terrific debuted on January 9, 1967 and starred Stephen Strimpell as Stanley Beamish the premise of the series begins with a scientific experiment using a pill created to give people super powers.

However the pill made every person who took it very sick, except 98 pound weakling Stanley Beamish, who became singled out by the government to take the pill and take on missions to fight our enemies.

He would take the pill and his face would change color, while the series music played in the background, then.

When Stanley Beamish turned into Mr Terrific wear goggles and dress in a gold uniform with wing like pieces under the arms and attached to his jacket. He would flap his arms like wings and take off in a blast of air.


The second of the flashback superheros 'Captain Nice' debuted on the same night January 9, 1967 and featured character Carter Nash played by actor William Daniels (he was the voice of Kitt on Night Rider)

Nash worked at the police department as a chemist where he discover a liquid that will give him superpowers.
He's a bit of a moma's boy and kind of shy, that's probably why he calls his alter ego Captain Nice.
Captain Nice wears raggy looking leotards, and even though he can fly, he's afraid of heights.

His mother is played by Alice Ghostley who was one of the legendary TV actresses.

If you blinked you missed these shows because the only aired one season and have rarely been seen ever since.

My Throwback Thursday memory for this week, two forgotten TV Superheros 'Mr Terrific' and 'Captain Nice'

Check out some rare clips below



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