It was Bob Denver's Pre-Gilligan era debuting in September 1959, it ran four seasons and also features Dwayne Hickman as the lead character

The first time I saw this show on cable syndication in the 1970's and I remember thinking that the Character Maynard G Krebs which was played by Bob Denver was a lot like Gilligan in that he was goofy and nerdy with many of the same mannerisms.

Dwayne Hickman's lead character would step out of the scene and talk to the audience about what was going on.

Tuesday Weld had a reoccurring role on the show as Thalia Menninger, one of Dobie's many loves.

Many big sitcom actors had guest appearances during the 144 episode run, including Warren Beauty who appeared in 5 episode, Jack Albertson

Filmed in Black and White the series ended in June of 1963.

Enjoy some film footage of this week's Throwback Thursday memory

'The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis'

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