The original classic cartoon ran on Sunday evenings for only 7 months and produced just 24 episodes, it was the first program to be broadcast in color on ABC.

The show was the second animated primetime show for Hanna Barbara and was an exact opposite of their first cartoon ‘The Flintstones’ which was about a prehistoric family with pet dinosaurs and talking birds. ‘The Jetsons’ was set in the future with all kinds of gadgets we could only dream about.

This past Monday the last remaining original voice of the animated series Janet Waldo passed at the age of 94, Waldo was the voice of Judy, the Jetson’s the teenage daughter.

My favorite characters on the show were George and his dog Astro.

Mr Spacey was the typical 1960’s TV boss, quick to fire you but hire you back before the end of the show.

Rosie the Robot was modeled after the character Hazel from the classic sitcom of the same name, and of course the Uniblab robot was an funny character.

Even though there were so few of the original episodes it always seem like there were more.

Video televisions screens are now a reality and the watches too, but I’m still waiting to be able to turn my car into a suitcase.

Check out the original intro and the story behind the series from the show’s creators on video below.

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