Long before Kit and Michael struck up a automobile to person dialog, Dave Crabtree and his Mom Gladys shared some friendly conversations in this 1960's sitcom.

The show only ran one season with 30 episodes beginning in the fall of 1965, and featured a man who's mother came back reincarnated as a 1928 Porter automobile.

Jerry Van Dyke (brother of Dick Van Dyke) starred as Dave Crabtree and Ann Sothern provided the voice of his Mom.

The show featured appearances from many 1960's actors including Charles Grodin, Lee Van Cleef, Bill Daily and Barbara Bain.

I remember seeing a few of the reruns, but it's always nice to revisit the show to see the actors, many who appeared on other 60's and 70's television shows.

The sitcom flopped and was canceled after one season, TV guide rated it as the second worst sitcom of all time.

I still find comfort in the old corny, campy television of the 1960's, it always takes me back to the days of my early childhood.

Enjoy this week's Throwback Thursday Memory 'My Mother The Car'

Check out a few videos of the show below.

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