Another one of the short lived series that seemed to run forever on Saturday morning, created and designed by comic book artists Doug Wildley and produced by Hanna-Barbara.

I was not a big fan of the show at first but I was forced to watch it because we couldn’t pick up another station with our antenna in the days of 3 channel television.

Its original flight was 1964 to 1965 with only 26 original episodes, and featured the adventures of a boy and his dog Bandit, who traveled with his scientist father, their bodyguard Race Bannon, the Indian kid named Hadji, who I guess they adopted.

It was one of the first of its kind for Hanna-Barbara and led to many other action series produced by the duo.

New episodes were produced in 1986, but this week we’re featuring the Original 'Jonny Quest' on this edition of Throwback Thursday.

Check out the original show intro and some original full episodes below.

Johnny Quest Opening

Full episode