Every one remembers the opening theme da da da da da (pause) da da, for six seasons American TV viewers got their weekly taste of wacky farm living in Hooterville.

On September 15, 1965 Oliver Wendell Douglas bought a farm, and moved his beautiful wife Lisa far away from the big city, or as she would say 'Goodbye to the Life'.

The shown was a spin off from Petticoat Junction, and the characters from that series would often show up.

One of my favorite characters was Mr Haney, played by the unmistakable cracked voiced  actor Pat Buttram.

Haney always had an cheesy item or service that he would try and sell to Mr Douglas, and it always came with an up-sized, equally watered down scam that required more money.

The show also featured a pig named Arnold, that was treated by his owners, the Ziffels, like a human being, he would watch TV, go to work, and in one episode Arnold was mistakenly drafted by the ARMY.

This week I throwback to one of the funniest shows from classic 60's television.
'Green Acres'.

Check out the shows opening theme and some off the wall episodes below.


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