The show featuring humorous short stories of love and relationships and in between some campy shorts, it ran for 6 seasons followed by years of syndication.

It was the precursor to the Love Boat, without the boat and a regular cast of characters on each segment.

Debuting in1969, it ran one year, and then was renewed from 1971 to 1974. I remember the later versions and syndicated re-runs.

Every week there would be everywhere from 1 to 4 segments each featuring a story of romance, usually with a spin at the end.

The show featured many cameos from the top stars of that era, and had a catch theme song originally sung by the 60's group the Cowsills.

The show also featured a segment called 'Love and the Happy days' which became the pilot for one of the biggest sitcoms of the 1970's 'Happy Days' (check out the pilot on video below)

My Throwback Thursday memory is 'Love American Style"

Check out a few classic episodes including one featuring a very young Harrison Ford.

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