Considered NBC's answer to the CBS sitcom 'All in the Family' it's six season run set the stage for many African American sitcoms to come.

One of my all time favorite sitcoms, the show was a hit through its run from 1972 to 1977 and even in syndication it remains one of our best classic television sitcoms.

The supporting cast included some of the best characters in sitcom history, one of my favorites was Aunt Esther played by LaWanda Page.

The constant battle between her and Fred was the best.

I enjoyed the catch phrases 'You Big Dummy' and the running gag when Fred would clutch his chest and say 'This is the big one' as he looked up at the sky and said 'I'm coming to join you Elizabeth'

Like its competitor 'All in the Family', both shows were adapted by Norman Lear from BBC programs.

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