Television in the 1960's was full of way off comedy shows, and this one took a three hour tour on the water and turned it into three years of zany antics, featuring seven castaways.

Meet Gilligan, The Skipper, Professor, Mr and Mrs Howell, Ginger, and Mary Ann.

The series originally ran from September 1964 to April 1967, and became widely popular in syndication in countries all over the world.

I was a big fan of the show myself and I still catch an episode once in a while on the classic TV channel. I think what made the show so appealing was the actors the their ability to pull off some pretty funny shtick. A lot of it was taken from old comedy routines that they had most likely done in their early days.

I also loved the dream sequences that the show would featured. In those moments the  cast members could be anywhere. Those scenes often took them off the island.

The age old question though is would you rather Ginger or Mary Ann?  Who did you choose?

Enjoy my Throwback Thursday memory for this week - 'Gilligans Island'.

Check out some 'Gilligan's Island' videos below:

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